Long Distance Motorcycle Travel Checklist

Arrange storage of personal effects with relatives, friends or storage company. Have a boot sale / garage sale to winnow out non-essentials, especially if you have to pay for storage.

Confirm removal date with movers

Advise Electricity Company with a final meter reading

Advise Gas Company with a final meter reading

Advise Water Company (if metered, a reading will suffice)

Advise Telephone Company (BT require 7 days notice)

Advise cable or satellite TV suppliers

Advise TV Licensing authority and claim your refund for any unexpired quarter

Cancel TV rental agreement and arrange collection of set

Cancel milkman/ newsagent/ window cleaner/ house cleaners

Cancel any subscriptions

Pick up dry cleaning

Return video rentals, library books etc

LOCAL Authority

Advise your local authority and claim your council tax refund

Retain your right to vote in the UK. Complete Overseas Electors declaration form RPF37, obtainable from the Local Authority.

MOTOR Vehicle

Advise the DVLA and claim unexpired car tax if you sell your car. Complete form V14, obtainable from the Post Office, and forward with your tax disc

Advise automobile associations and renew your international driving licence (valid for one year)

Arrange ‘carnet de passage’ for the bike – check with your local automobile association regarding countries which require the carnet and procedures to obtain.

Prepare the bike for travel


Advise your insurance broker and/or insurers

Cancel motor insurance, household buildings & contents policies

Request a refund for any unexpired periods

Request No-Claims evidence to present to future insurers

Arrange extended medical insurance to cover your region of travel – check that motorcycling is not an excluded sport or extra cost

Ensure your annual life insurance premiums and personal pension premiums continue to be met


Advise your bank and/or building society re power of attorney / signing authority of relative or trusted friend

Provide credit card companies with a mailing address in your home country. DO NOT tell them you are going to bug off around the world, they’re likely to cancel your credit cards!

Cancel standing orders and direct debits for services to be discontinued

Arrange direct debits for credit cards and any continuing services, loan or mortgage payments

Sign up for Internet banking so you can monitor your accounts while travelling. Also Internet brokerage service for the same reason.

Arrange periodic funds transfers to an account with ATM access from abroad

Advise Post Office e.g. savings accounts

Advise Bonds And Stock Office e.g. Premium Bonds

Settle any outstanding rental or finance agreements

Locate stocks, shares and bond certificates

Arrange settlement of all utilities / services accounts

HOUSE (if owner)

Arrange rental / house-sitting service or sale

LANDLORD (rental accommodation)

Give required notice to quit

Organise garage sale / boot sale


Advise your local benefit office and arrange for payment of your state pension overseas

Discuss any other benefit entitlement applicable


Advise the Inland Revenue and/or your accountant

Complete a P85 Income Tax Form "for those leaving the United Kingdom" and forward to the Inland Revenue with your P45

Check your inheritance & capital gains tax position if retaining assets in the UK


Advise your solicitor

Update your Will if retaining property in the UK and ensure that any new Will overseas does not revoke an existing UK Will

Appoint a Power of Attorney in the UK to deal with any ongoing legal or tax issues


Obtain your references, P45 (details of employee leaving work) and certificate of any company pension entitlement.


Back up files prior to packing


Locate birth, marriage, adoption certificates. Copies are available by post from The General Register Office or in person from the Family Records Centre listed in the Services Directory


Instruct the Post Office to redirect your mail. Pick up the appropriate form from your local counter

Use a mailbox service with redirection or holding of mail


Advise your doctor

Arrange vaccinations a few months in advance so you don’t have to get them all at once. Get Vaccination Certificate

Arrange malaria prophylaxis to be available 2 weeks before entering malarious areas

Obtain medical certificates/ records and any prescriptions required

Advise your dentist

Advise your optician. Get a copy of your glasses or contact lens prescription in case you need to get it refilled.

Advise your chiropractor

Advise your osteopath

Advise your vet


Advise any clubs or societies to which you belong


Check the validity of passports, visas, consular documents. Renew your passport if it will be expiring within a year. Many countries will not issue visas unless the passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the date of the visa.

Check the validity of residence/ work permits, import permits

Check health requirements at destination

Order foreign currency


Change of address cards

Imminent birthdays, anniversaries

Obtain e-mail addresses