Chasing Dakar
Adventure, Rally and LOng Distance Off-Riding - an Off-Road Rider´s Perspective
The how and why we go adventure riding
El motociclismo involucra riesgos que pueden ser vistos por otros como irrcaionales, Queresmo mas de la vida, y lo buscamos en el motociclismo. Nos da un sentimiento de libertad
Is it the danger or adventure
El motociclismo nos permite cubrir grandes distancias, compartiendo la experiencia con amigos, cambiando el espiritu humano.
El motociclismo de aventura dicta que el piloto y la moto sean autosuficientes y este es un rasgo quelo distingue del resto de los tipos de motociclismo.
Por lo tanto la seleccion de equipo, las habilidades personales y la condición fisica son factores imporatntes cuado planeamos una aventura.
The Dakar Rally
Adevnture ride involves finding the way through various conditions and terrain.
Return to the human adventure
Why is the Dakar Rally so Unique
The participants are placed in a unique, yet complex situation
Bike preparation and the anatomy of a Rally/adventure Motorcycle
La clave del motociclismo de aventura es tener una motocicleta que aguante todo el viaje.
Comentario de Helge
Saber cambiar el aceite, cambiar las palancas, cambiar llantas
Saber como se siente la moto
Difference between a rally and adventure bike
Potential bolts to safety wire
gear shift bolt, caliper bolt. brake pad clips, drain plug, counter shaft sprocket bolt, steering head bolt, linkage abd shock bolts, engine mount bolts.
Preparing a bike for and adventure ride
Handle bar, foot oeg location seat height and controls adjustment.
One`s ability to ride a motorcycle over unfamiliar terrain is directly linked to one´s ability to control the motorcycle.
Handle bars and grips
Foam grips
General bike maintenance
Fix small problems before the become big.
Check all bolts, no fluid leaks, wear of everything
Navigation and communication equipment
easy to read
Fuel Capacity
Tires and tubes
ultra heavy inner tubes
dunlop 908
Riding Gear - How to battle the elements
Ear plugs
Rally Jacket
Riding pants
Knee braces
Kidney belt
Chest Protector
Fanny packs
Hoe to prepare for cold weather and heat
Mother Nature and the Adventure Rider
Camel Grass
Water crossings
KTM Red Bull Rally Team tips to climbing hills
Down hills
Baked mud
Barbed wire
Bushes and cactus
Mine shafts
Setting a Pace
Passing other riders
Adverse events
Adventure Riding Techniques
Standing Up
Braking and the rally bike
Special braking situations
Sand dunes
A sand dune story
Principles of riding sand dunes
KTM Red Bull Team secrets to riding sands
Situations unique to sand dunes
High speed straights
KTM Red Bull Team tips for high speed straights
Physical Conditioning, Injuries and Training
La diferencia entre disfrutar y sufrir una salida.
Weight training
circuit training, proteinas menos 30 mins despues
Interval training
deep tissue
Stretching for off road riding
Stretching vs. warm up
Proper stretching
Improved flexibility
Injury and treatment
Treatment of sports injuries
Fist aid on an adventure ride
ABC's of basic life support
Nutrition for Adventure Riding
Timing is everything
Fueling muscles before and during exercise
Muscle physiology
Sports drinks
After the ride
More is not better
What do you drink in your hydration system?
Electrolytes and thinking
Other consequences of exercise
Suppression of the immune system
Protein supplements
Table: nutritional content
Vitamins and performance
Vitamins C
Rally and Adventure Riding for the 30+ Year Old
Changes in the body after 30
Adventure riding/rallies
Racing Tips
Preparing for the Ride of Your Life
Planning a ride
Weather conditions
Ten rules to live by while on an adventure ride
Preparing the motorcycle
Attention to the terrain
Know who you are riding with
Organized trail rides
Packing for the ride
Medical matters
Back up plans
Returning form and adventure ride
Table: Some items to take along
Strategies for Rally Racing
How the Dakar Rally works
Documentation and scrutineerig
Parc Fermé
Special Test
Check Point (CP)
Road Book
Selecting a Dakar Rally Bike
The race itself
Preparing for the Dakar Rally
Do you need to be able to speak French?
How does the GPS work?
What ridong skill level is required?
Desert riding training - How should you prepare?
What goals are realistic for a first-time Dakar participant?
What mediacl tests and supplies are needed?
Bivouac medical kit
What medical support is available?
Filing up gas at check points
Passing other riders in a rally
The road book
Sleeping in the Dakar Rally
Strategies to staying awake
Power naps
Caffeine for off-road riders
Table: Relative amounts of caffeine
Safety and Future Rally Racing
Adrenaline is a double negative
The optimal visual apex
Ride within your envelope
The dangers of somnolence and sleep deprivation
Ten top secrets to riding within your envelope
The italian rider story
Why was this rider unable to avoid the car?
Fallen heroes
Fabrizio Meoni
Richard Sainct
Andy Caldecott
Safety and cervical spine protection
Safety and the Dakar Rally